Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Strategic Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Strategic Plan - Essay Example The background of the research attempted to reveal the way the researcher intends to ensure the organization's vision, mission, and people strategies and values statements align with the proposed strategic plan. A brief background of the company and objectives of the study were revealed, as well as, the mission, vision and core organizational values were presented. Additionally, the researcher carried out external and internal environmental scanning on the proposed strategic plan using relevant resources of analysis; the researcher assessed the external (threats and opportunities) and also the internal environmental analysis (strengths and weakness) of the company. Moreover, it was argued that given the information from the environmental scan, HCA should match its strengths to the opportunities, which it has identified, while at the same time addressing weakness and threats. With the controversies that have surrounded HCA, it was argued that the company needed to review its growth st rategies to ensure it redeems its image and to put it in a constant path of growth. The strategic planning process focused on the significant of employing effective strategies that aligns with the external and internal environment. Varied recommendation for the best strategy were presented and one of them included planning about the growth strategies of the company and this is through focusing on meeting the demanding needs of customers and showing their corporation ability to them. Another recommendable growth strategy that HCA should put into consideration is mergers and joint ventures. It was also argued that HCA should incorporate telemedicine in their institutions because this would help them to accelerate its growth. Employing customer-focussed strategy that will ensure the corporation attracts new customers and retains the old ones was also seen as an effective strategy for enabling the company to accelerate its growth. The implementation plan focused on the way HCA can achie ve its intended objectives by conducting an intensive environmental scan to ascertain the internal functioning of its institutions, evaluation of its position in relation to the industry’s tasks environment and evaluation of the external macro-environment factors. This was seen as vital; thus, the need to evaluate technological advancements in the field of nursing and medicine, and analysis of its preparedness to incorporate the competitive aspect of other stakeholders in the health sector. The research identified varied risks that are likely to occur in the organization and among the potential risks included the compliance to standards, fire outbreak risks, quality control risks, and changes in technology, as well as, hospital equipment failure, institutional restraints, and recruitment and retention staff issues among other risks. It was, therefore, argued that employing contingency plans is fundamental because this will enable the corporation to find efficient alternatives for managing risks in case the unplanned events occur. Strategic Plan Introduction In the contemporary highly competitive business environment, budget planning techniques have become unsatisfactory for large organizations to survive; thus HCA must engage in effective strategic planni

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