Thursday, October 17, 2019

Secure Webbased Application Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Secure Webbased Application - Essay Example A Research methodology is a set of underlying principles behind the collection of models, theories, ideas, and hypothesis. Collectively, research methodology is a technique of collecting data systematically (Rajeev, 2009). For this research the data was analyzed from the previous researches in the literature review section. The authenticity and contingency of this paper depends upon the validity of study data, the reliability of measures taken to collect the data, as well as the time taken to conduct the analysis. Here I would like to tell you that the data was collected from _________ number of respondents through _________(tool used). This data collection part of the research took approximately_________(time consumed for data collection). Basically Single Sign On system cannot accomplish the goals on its own. In order to triumph over the challenges in user understanding and security obstacles, security and usability professionals require putting efforts and working more strongly to gether (Connolly, 2002). In this research, the ultimate solution will be produced which will allow the creation of a "strong": password (contains letters, numbers and special characters) that will open all the authorized applications. As we are using here the Single sign on method so some of its benefits are listed over here: If an employee does forget their one password, he or she c... Frequently results in significant password help desk cost savings If an employee does forget their one password, he or she can easily reset it by using the preset authentication line. Both are factors that have need of extraordinary concerns. Our initial research was done on the internet to discover seller password synchronization tools that would fill our total requirements. We piled up a list of vendors that offer Single Sign On products. A new list of needs and wants was created to incorporate total requirements and other assessment criteria. Some of our initial requirements were that the security system must be able to synchronize password between different platforms, should be able to plot user ids from one platform to another, should provide password status synchronization between different platforms, to implement host platform password format rules across the diverse server platforms. Next step of our research methodology is to develop some evaluation criteria. Our analysis has shown that several flaws in the evaluation criterion and specifi cation can lead to vulnerable implementations (Thomas, 2003). Based on this comment of Thomas we have selected cost, Support for Tandem, Support for other security platforms, and lastly the clearness to application development as our evaluation criterions. Now these criterions were to be tested and verified. Verification of criterions (testing): As mentioned earlier the purpose of this paper is to develop a simple and secure web-based application sign-on method in order to increase the security, reduce the risk to identify theft by reducing the passwords number of the web- based applications and the tool for encryption which will be used here is So from the above

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