Friday, October 18, 2019

Ethical considerations on intentional abortions research in United Paper

Ethical considerations on intentional abortions in United States - Research Paper Example   From a human female point of view, the research questions will be framed in a neutral way to avoid biased questions. Neutral questions will attract genuine answers. Moreover, the questionnaire will not require respondents to disclose their identities and this ensures confidentiality of the research. The reason is that women have different views on intentional abortion depending on the society they live in and their personal beliefs. The personal beliefs may be driven by their religious affiliations. For illustration, a Christian point of view towards life is that no one should kill as stipulated in Exodus 20:12. Other women’s view on intentional termination views it as necessary in order to safeguard them from painful experiences that pregnancy sometimes brings along, disruption of education and employment. Other considerations are lack of support from the father and other reasons such as an inability to provide for the existing children. The above reasons are some of the ethical issues that women advance to have an intentional abortion. The moral Question with regard to whether abortion is the only way of family planning intentional abortions then arises. The research will also endeavor to frame questions in a neutral manner to avoid pro-choice and pro-life bias. Prochoice movement holds the view that the woman should be left with the choice of choosing whether to terminate or to retain the pregnancy. Unsafe abortions result in severe consequences such as infertility, injury, infections, and even death.   

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