Friday, October 4, 2019

McDonalds customer service and training model Essay

McDonalds customer service and training model - Essay Example McDonalds have become the byword of fast food industry in the world today. "The company began in 1940 with a restaurant opened by siblings Dick and Mac McDonald, but it was their introduction of the "Speedee Service System" in 1948 that established the principles of the fast-food restaurant." Unlike usual restaurants, fast food joints have their own pertinent and unbreakable rules. These rules and policies are usually made by the top management and are interpreted and enforced by the Store Manager. Like any other chain businesses, McDonalds too are centrally managed. All the policies and rules are made centrally and the branches and franchises are simply expected to follow them. The least requirement of fast food business is that it has to maintain very high level of service and efficiency throughout to every customer and it should be of unquestionable quality. In addition, cleanliness and safety standards are exceptionally important. Fast food joints manage this through proactive floor control. Rest of all decisions are made by the centre of the organisation, and most of the decisions are foreseen, expected and already clarified. There are a certain differences between the regular res... More stringent and immediate financial control is maintained over the fast foods as money moves fast in these joints owing to brisk business. It is also true that careful and meticulous control at the spot is impossible in places like McDonalds and as such, accounting should be frequent. They cannot afford to wait for the monthly balance sheet. Profit and loss are controlled by accurate inventory aided by the frequent statistical reports and many other systems like ordering of replenishments on time and much in advance, manpower scheduling for the entire month and sticking to it, and urgent building maintenance, maintenance of supporting machinery, including that could be necessary at a later date. The entire concept of fast foods is that of a 'man in a hurry' as they are catering to men in proverbial hurry. So, equal forethought and time slots are allotted to administrative work, documentation, recruitee training, wage reviews, performance reviews and disciplinary actions and awards , pecuniary or otherwise. Efficiency is linked with the increase in the pace of life, according to Ritzer. It is beneficial for consumers and workers both, as more customers get served and profits are increased. "But as is the case with rationalization in general, and each of its dimensions, irrationalities such as surprising inefficiencies and the dehumanisation of workers and customers, emerge from the drive for increased efficiency," (Ritzer, 2000, p.40). According to him, fast food restaurant 'has helped turn efficiency into an increasingly universal reality'. Ritzer argues that because of the fastness of the food, 'the emphasis on quantity tends to affect adversely the quality of both the process and the result'. For customers eating on the run

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